Balwyn North Primary School

Balwyn North Primary School


School Leaders Welcome

Hello! Welcome to the Balwyn North Primary School community. We are the B.N.P.S 2021 School Captains. Our school values are, STRIVE, INSPIRE, BELONG. As a school community we always strive to be the best we can be and inspire others to do the same. At Balwyn North, we make sure we all feel like we belong, by being inclusive and welcoming to all.

At Balwyn North Primary school we promote individuality by providing our students with a vast variety of different activities. For instance - Art, Choir, Interschool sport, chess and many cultural celebration. These are only scratching the surface of the many unique activities students can take part in. While we take part in these activities, we make sure we take wonderful care of our mental and physical well-being by taking part in morning mindfulness activities to help us achieve a growth-mind set and prepare us for learning.

We don’t hesitate to inspire ourselves and other’s learning, as well as making sure we have no boundaries in our creativity. Even with our limitless ideas, students maintain an open-minded mindset. This helps us to expand our knowledge, we always inform our teachers on what we would like and need to learn.

As a community of BNPS, we are proud of how we respect, value and support one another. BNPS students and teachers always make each other feel welcome and safe. We build strong friendships and trust with one another along the way, and make sure that we and others belong – We welcome everyone to join us!


Kind Regards,

The School Captains of 2021

Emily, Diviit, Khai and Audrey